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Dalian DirEx Overseas Service Co., Ltd. was established in September 2000, our former name was Dalian DirEx Overseas Employment Service Co., Ltd, with registered capital of 6 million yuan and mortgage of 3 million yuan under the independent monitoring account of the government. Our company has the foreign labor service cooperation business license issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, and is specialized in international labor service dispatch, international education and cultural exchange, overseas visa application, business consulting service and other international cooperation businesses.

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Understand your needs

Many years of experience in international cooperation have enabled us to understand the culture of East and West, communicate accessibly, fully understanding of employers needs and ensure the success of our cooperation.

Satisfy your needs

Our huge talents bank and the recruitment network all over the country can find all kinds of qualified technical talents in time according to the requirements of customers.

Legal operation

China is so large and complex. Not all the companies have a special license issued by the government to export workers, which guarantees the legitimacy of our cooperation.

Perfect training system

We’re responsible for language training and education before going abroad to ensure that your new employee will be integrated into the work as soon as possible after they arrive at the post.

No worries

We provide on-site management or assistance to workers working abroad, ranging from telephone and video management to on-site meetings, providing comprehensive assistance in solving problems and eliminating employers’ concerns.

Ensure talents quality

We will review applicants’ resume and professional qualifications, arrange phone, video and on-the-spot skill tests for applicants and employers, and select the most suitable candidates.

Professional material preparation

Guide and assist selected employees in preparing all materials, handle overseas work permits and visa applications in China. Professional experience has achieved a successful visa success rate of 99%.

Our concept

Excellent talents achieve excellent enterprises; the quality of our service determines the quality of talents; to help customers is to achieve ourselves.

We recommend all kinds of shortage talents

Look forward to your cooperation

I am the Chairman of Direx Company, engaged in labor export, overseas students, immigration and other international exchanging cooperation for more than 20 years. Eight years ago, I invested in an organic farm, and my understanding of how organic crops grew gave me a deeper understanding of life. I hope that the works I do will have a positive impact on the world, just like our cooperation, which will help Chinese employees to realize their aspirations and at the same time contributing a further development for your enterprises.

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